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BTD: Loving Kindness

  • The Pilates Shed 98-102 High Street Deal, England, CT14 6EE United Kingdom (map)
BTD: Loving Kindness
from 8.00

This month's hypnotic dance meditation will draw on the practice of 'Loving Kindness', enabling you to practice compassion for yourself and others so that over the course of the month of April you find yourself more and more motivated by love, kindness and compassion, and more and more able to do 'the next kind thing' on a daily basis.

If you struggle with resentment, tend to think others are deliberately trying to annoy you or cause you anguish, then this is the meditation for you! (and if you don't, then you are probably already practicing loving kindness in your life and know how valuable it is!)

The practice of wishing loving kindness to all, including those people we resent, has transformative power over the way we feel and behave in the world, and combining it with hypnosis and dance really allows you to integrate it fully within the mind-body system.


Make April a month of loving kindness and get more out of life.

At the dance, you will be taken on a powerful journey to help you develop a loving connection with yourself and others.


So, what's dance meditation? 💃

Dance Meditation is dancing with awareness, moving our bodies to beautiful, powerful music to get out of our mind space and into our hearts. 🧡

What happens at a session?

I combine powerful meditation and hypnosis techniques with dance practice to help you get in touch with your emotions and really experience them through the dance.

The Born To Dance Workshop will show you the evidence of the extraordinary power of your mind and will enable you to connect powerfully to your full potential, both mentally & physically.

What about the dancing?

There are no set steps, you just move however your body feels like it wants to at the time. This is not about performing. It’s not about looking sexy or cool. It’s not about what it looks like at all. This practice is all about using the ancient tools that have been used by spiritual people and healers for millennia.

Dancing in this way allows us to create healing on many different levels, but also allows us to embody new behaviours, practices and intentions. The mind and the body are fully connected in the practice, allowing us to embody our emotions, connect with them and release anything that may be trapped.

✨Gratitude ✨ Ho'Oponopono ✨ Loving Kindness ✨

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