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Alignment - A Hypnotic Meditation

  • Peppers 115 High Street Deal United Kingdom (map)

The process of alignment is about coming into our power, realising that we are already perfect and that we have access to everything we need already. 

It is said that when Michel Angelo was carving the David, he carved out of a piece of marble that was allegedly unworkable. Many talented sculptors had tried to work the stone before and failed. When he unveiled the David, arguably the most beautiful sculpture that exists, people asked him how he had created this masterpiece from such a stone. He is rumoured to have replied that he had not created the David, rather he has just removed from the stone everything that was not David. 

This workshop is about shedding the excess, the old ideas and limiting beliefs that we have about ourselves so that we come into alignment with the perfect version of ourselves, the one that is already within. 

We will meet at 7pm at my office above Peppers for a cup of herbal tea and at 7.15pm we will start the session. We will finish a few minutes before 9pm.

Please avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least 2 hours before the workshop.

The workshop is offered on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can best afford. £8/£10/£12

For tickets, please go to the Eventbrite page.

Please note that hypnosis is contraindicated for those who suffer from epilepsy or psychosis. You are responsible for assessing your suitability for the workshop. Hypnotherapy is not suitable for people with pronounced emotional and / or mental instability. This workshop is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice. If you are in any doubt as to whether this workshop is right for you, please seek the advice of a trained professional. All of our work can be intense, emotional and challenging at times. You are responsible for your mental and emotional well being at all times.