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Using aromatherapy as a meditation aid can be a very effective way of triggering a realignment in our subconscious. I use these blends in therapies with my clients and in my own self-hypnosis practices.

How to use these chakra balancing oils

If you are used to meditation, you will already have your own meditation posture. If you are not, make yourself comfortable, either seated on a straight backed chair, or lying on the floor or on your bed. Keep your arms and legs uncrossed if possible.

Apply a dab of the oil to a cotton pad or to your sleeve, and then, breathing in the scent of the oil deeply, do what you can to slow your breathing down.

The easiest way to do this is just to breathe out for longer than you would usually.

Imagine that you are trying to blow out all of the air that is in your body.

Keep doing this for a few breathing cycles (maybe two minutes or so) and gently allow your breath to become natural again, noticing that your breathing speed has now naturally slowed down, and that with the slowed breath, you are relaxing more and more.

Next, set an intention for the process. I would suggest repeating one of the chakra affirmations to yourself a few times, either under your breath, or better still out loud.

If you are a visual person, imagine that you are seeing the colour associated with the chakra you are focusing on for this meditation, or if it helps, meditate with your eyes open, focussing on the corresponding chakra mandala.


Chakra affirmations


I feel deeply rooted


I am open to touch and closeness

Solar plexus

I love and accept myself


I am open to love


I communicate my feelings with ease

Third eye

I nurture my spirit


I am part of the Divine

Chakra Balancing Meditation Oils
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