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Do you ever feel like you should be happy, but you feel empty, unhappy & directionless?


If you feel like you’re stuck in a routine that chose you rather than the other way around…

If you feel like life is something that happens to you, rather than something you actively participate in… then read on.

Most of my clients talk to me about feeling:

  • trapped in their own heads

  • stuck, flat and lost

  • frustrated that they can’t think themselves out of feeling like this

  • tired & overburdened with various responsibilities

  • that there must be more to life than this

  • like they should be happy & that they have a lot they should be grateful for

  • empty, unhappy and directionless

and these feelings manifest in their lives in a myriad of ways:

  • some feel depressed

  • some drink too much or use other substances

  • some have affairs or use sex to change the way they feel

  • some over- or under-eat

  • some have anxiety

  • some try to over-manage their families

  • some quit their jobs

If this sounds familiar & you are ready to change your life, then FreeMind therapy & coaching may be what you are looking for.

I help women who feel that they are stuck in autopilot mode, trapped in the routines of life & scared that they have lost connection to themselves & life in general.

My practical, non-judgemental, supportive and transformative methods will give you the tools & the self-knowledge to change your life forever by:

  • discovering & clarifying what’s important to you

  • uncovering the blocks & limiting beliefs preventing you from leading your best life

  • changing limiting patterns and behaviours


For a free, no-strings life balance assessment, please fill out the questionnaire:

In addition, to self evaluate your drinking, depression and anxiety, please use the links below: